Bob Brunetz - General Manager
Bob has been with ABT for over 10 years and has led several departments during his tenure including Business Development, Operations and Quality. Bob earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Western Michigan University.

Chris Sheldon - Director of Operations
Chris rejoined the ABT team about 2 years ago and has 20 years of leadership experience. Previous years with ABT were spent as a Buyer, Production Scheduler, Production Manager, and Operations Manager. Chris spent six years in the United States Army as a Supply Sergeant and has his BBA in Management from Davenport University. He is currently pursuing his MBA in Human Resources. Chris’ favorite Core Value is accountability. To Chris, accountability means we accept responsibility for our environment and take extreme ownership of results. Chris loves the people, passion, and teamwork he sees daily at ABT. He loves that the team members are always finding innovative ways to improve, take care of our customers, and help each other.

Steve Miller - Director of Engineering
Steve has over 35 years of experience in the contract manufacturing industry (24 with ABT). He has extensive experience in the electronics field with focus on wire harness, circuit card assembly, assembly integration, and product research and development. Steve currently leads the engineering group that includes a team of Electrical, Mechanical, Test and Manufacturing Engineers. Steve has participated in SME and SMTA enabling him to develop relationships with industry techniques and technology. Steve’s favorite Core Value is Entrepreneurial Spirit because he enjoys seeing team members who are creative and inventive. He is an advocate for change. His favorite part about ABT is the job diversification it offers. He is able to be part of all aspects of the business such as the products we create, the customers we have, and the team members we work with.

Ben Kowalski - Controller
Ben has been in ABT’s accounting department for more than 12 years and has extensive experience in both cost accounting, managerial accounting and strategic financial planning. In addition to leading the Accounting team he also lead’s ABT’s Cost and IT functions. Ben has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Grand Valley State University. Ben’s favorite Core Value is accountability. It is important to him to hold yourself accountable more so than holding others accountable. He loves ABT because of the many opportunities it offers and the wonderful people he works with.

Phil Provost - Director of Business Development
Phil joined the ABT team in 2013 as a buyer and quickly worked his way into the Director of Programs role. Before his time at ABT, Phil spent 10 years in the Banking industry. Phil graduated from Grand Valley State University with a degree in finance and from the University of Michigan with an MBA. Phil’s favorite core value is Entrepreneurial Spirit which he sees regularly in how we support our team members. He loves that ABT has the ability to consistently empower team members to create a positive change within the organization both systemically and culturally.

TJ Szot - Director of Quality

T.J. joined the ABT team in 2009 as a Buyer and progressed through organization by spending time as a Production Coordinator, Production Manager, and Key Account Manager.  Before joining the ABT Team, T.J. spent 8 years in Retail Customer Service.  T.J. graduated from Grand Valley State University with a degree in Management. His favorite core value is Geekiness because there is always something to learn and be excited about.  TJ’s favorite aspect about ABT is the never-ending collaborative effort that all departments strive for to help the customer and warfighter succeed.

Trisha Hammer - Director of Supply Chain
Trisha is the newest member of the Executive Team. She joined ABT in November 2019 with over 20 years of experience in Supply Chain. Her previous experience includes working at Oshkosh Corporation and Winnebago Industries. Trisha holds a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. Her favorite Core Value is We vs Me because she feels it is critical to Supply Chain success and hopes to impart the importance of that value on to her team.

Lindsey VanDenBos - Director of Human Resources

Lindsey has 11 years of experience in Human Resources Management and has been with ABT since March of 2018. She has experience in employee relations, talent and performance management, compensation and benefits, and training and development. Lindsey holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Western Michigan University. Her favorite Core Value is passion because she can tell how passionate the employees are about their jobs, what they do, and our customers. Lindsey’s favorite thing about ABT is the people, because they create an engaging and exciting work environment. She can tell they love coming to work and are happy to be here each and every day.