Design Engineering


Amphenol Borisch Technologies is a full-service, vertically integrated electronics designer and manufacturer.  Subject matter experts from our engineering, manufacturing, and design departments will work together with you to help solve virtually any electronics manufacturing or integration challenge. 


The ABT engineering team has a wealth of design expertise and process tools.  Whether you’re looking for a supplier to design-to-spec a turn-key LRU or to create an innovative harness solution, ABT is the right partner for you.  

Our Engineering Expertise Includes:

  • Electronics Design
    (schematic creations, EMI, etc) 
  • Mechanical Design (thermal, stress, etc)
  • Component Selection
  • Wire Harness, Connector, and Backshell Design
  • Printed Circuit Design
  • Surface Mount and Through-Hole Technologies
  • Wire Processing
  • Over-molding, Potting and Component Encapsulation
  • Functional and ESS Testing, and Test Development